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Unblocked Happy Wheels

[Total: 32    Average: 4.2/5]

The Insane, Wacky, Graphic Adventure That is Unblocked Happy Wheels. Have you ever wanted to take a wheel chair, Segway, or baby seat carrying bicycle through an explosive obstacle course, down a set of seemingly never ending stairs, or straight into the mouth of a gigantic Satan? Then Unblocked Happy Wheels packs everything you’ve been hankering for in an absurd and violent gaming adventure that hearkens back to classic old-school flash games while at the same time serves as a hilarious parody of the same. With a crazy assortment of characters and vehicles and a massive selection of levels and maps and the ability to pretty much customize the game however you like, it’s no wonder Happy Wheels Unblocked is a favorite modern day flash game of so many gamers. Based upon some wacky rag-doll physics it’s not uncommon to lose a few legs, an arm, and possibly even be blown up before reaching the finish line, if you reach it at all, in this great racing/adventure homage to the very best of the classics we all grew up on. Happy Wheels Unblocked features 16 character types such as the initial three, Wheel Chair and Segway Guy as well everybody’s favorite Irresponsible Dad, to the unlockable like Santa Clause and Lawnmower man. Also available are 11 different vehicle types that characters may use, some using only one rider and some using multiple riders. Levels in the game consist of everything from nice hillside strolls, to monster and demon attacks, to very classic Nintendo reminiscent side-scroller obstacle courses complete with jumps, bombs, and accelerated highways. With additions like the level editor and vehicle tool, Happy Wheels Unblocked also allows players to fully customize both levels and vehicles for hours of extra fun beyond the games initial maps and vehicles. So if you’re a fan of great rag-doll physics racing adventures or just a fan of fun, absurd, violent flash games in general then strap yourself into your wheel chair, make sure the baby’s safe in the bike seat, and prepare yourself for Happy Wheels unleashed, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

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